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Oh my, this reminds me of me. I was doing meth with all those symptoms but like her looking up diseases on the net thinking I had them . It was the 99% the meth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However I do have health problems now probably from doing so much meth when I was younger.
I did meth for 12 years . Im 36 now.I also was prescribed ritalin and it's like meth I did 5 pills in a day before the XR's which are stronger I chewed them to release it all at once. I did this before I moved to meth and it was not as poweful as meth it was like drinking 1/2 pot of coffee to me . However it can mimic meth. I liked being prescribed my add meds while on meth so the tests were + but I had an excuse.So she needs to get off the ritalin and problem solved if she is truthful. If she is only on ritalin and so unwilling to get off ritalin then she is addicted to them and still needs help! It's far better to have add then all her symptoms, right? only an addict would be insane enough to put up with all this and not want to stop. but honestly I bet she started with ritalin and moved on to meth but at this point it doesnt matter the meds and or drugs must be stopped or she will go down a path she will not be happy with. Us addicts usually have to hit bottom or very close before we see the light. What could be her bottom? Death, jail, loss of everything including her kids. We all know it but still cant stop.I lost everything and I was a big fat liar to my parents Addicts are very crafty. It took me getting raided and arrested for manufacturing and prison before I saw the light. I was clean 5 years, relapsed after all I went through but quit 9 months ago, im trully over it all,but addicts seem to self destruct, over and over. I got a lot of health issues now probably from the meth! and because of that I was prescribed pain killers. I should have seen it coming.Im now dealing with an oxycontin addiction 3 weeks clean. My dr gave me them and you know what he shouldnt have. All he did was hurt me worse in the long run.Just cause a dr prescibes something it doesnt make it ok or safe.Do an intervention with all your family present and tell her dr's. after that im sorry but she has to want to stop or she wont. I want to add I was so afraid to stop but it really wasnt that bad. A couple of weeks of being tired with mild cravings then I woke back up and felt fine.I quit first time in jail. second time on my couch it was a breeze.A picnic compared to opiates. and call the cops on her husband if he is physical with her that sob when she sobers up she will bail on him I bet.