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I apologize for not getting back to y'all sooner. We had to go out of town at the last minute.
I really appreciate y'alls comments. I love these healthboards. It is just great to see what other people are experiencing with the same things you have going on.
I am using Soma (I think it is 375mg). I average 3 a day. I also take Oxycontin for my DDD and osteoarthritis. The soma keeps me from having to take higher doses of the Oxy.
The spasms (I feel sure that is what they were) only lasted 2 or 3 days. Thank God for that!!!!!! I think those were worse than my pain I have if I don't take my meds. WOW!!!!!! I feel for those of yall that have these things on a regular basis.
I will mention them to my back dr. at my next visit ---unless I have another attack!!!!!!!
I actually LIVE on a heating pad. I have one on my sofa where I sit and I use a wrap around velcro one while I sleep. That did not phase those spasms though.
Again --- thank you all so much for taking time to help me.