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Tmh, hello there...*smile*

If you dont actually need the pills for pain, I would get off of them right away. Like Diamond said, there is no good to come from this situation.
If you dont realize it by now, this is only going to get worse and worse if you dont give them up. If you do give them up now,however, in the relatively early stages it shouldnt be too bad.
Pill consumption only gets worse. You need more to get high than you did last week, or last month. Soon you dont even really get high off of them, you just use them to keep from being dopesick all of the time. When you dont have them you are sick. Its such an awful,vicious circle.

Read posts on here. You will find many that are or have been in your situation. You can quit, but only if you want to. Dont let it get to that point, because, believe,me, you will if you continue. You'll wake up one day wondering what the heck you are doing, how did I ever let myself get here...

This is what happened to me, only it took years for me to realize,or I guess admit to myself just how bad I was. I started out on the vicodans, etc, the "light" opiates...soon they wouldnt get me high anymore so you move up and up and soon I was snorting large amounts of oxycontin every day just to get out of bed. When I didnt have it I was sick. It gets really bad. You're not there yet.

Dont let yourself get there.

Good luck. I sincerely mean that. Read alot there. Keep posting and let us know how you're doing. There are many good folks here that can help you thru this.

peace, and God bless.