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Hi Pat,

Sorry I just saw your post; i am posting alot on the pain mgmt board these days.

I did have a revision surgery and to be honest it was about the same as my fusion recovery wise. I had zero fusion, so when they went in they worked on the decompressing the L5/s1 nerve root, added bmp to L5/S1, and removed the right side of hardware leaving in the left side of the hardware. My right side hardware was laying such that it was causing problem with the L5/S1 nerve root. They also did Laminectomies on L4/L3.

I was in surgery I believe 5/6 hours, had the long incision in the back with those lovely staples. Woke up with a pain pump, that lovely catheter, and 3 drains in my back. They removed the drains within 24 hours and at 72 hours they took away the pain pump and switched me over to oxycontin and percocet. I was released at 5/6 days. They sent PT to my house the first week after release.

Hope this helps - if you want any specific information please feel free to ask. I will answer any and all questions; I am not really shy. :D

Can you give me a quick rundown of your surgeries along with the timelines? I don't remember the specifics.