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Well, I'm through the awful first week. I spent three days in the hospital and came home last Thursday, June 19. I'm feeling some strange sensations in my lower legs and feet, but nothing excruciating, for which I'm thankful. I'm actually more mobile than I thought I'd be at this juncture. I can't sit for very long or stay in a vertical position without discomfort unless I'm moving, that is, walking. I'm taking short walks of increasing length 3 or 4 times a day. Last Friday it was 50 yards. Today I walked bit less than a quarter mile 3 times. A few questions:

1. How far should you walk and how quickly should you increase the distance? I don't remember the Doc or P.T. talking about this before discharge. I don't want to overdo and suffer a setback. On the other hand, I want to strenghten as quickly as is feasible. For those who've been down the road, what did you do ?
2. I'm having a problem balancing pain meds and digestive comfort. I have oxycontin 5mg to take one every 12 hours, and oxycodone 5/325 to take 1 to 2 every 4 to 6. It seems whenever I take the oxycodone ( and I'm able to back off the quantity of it by now) my digestive track just shuts down and I get distended and awfully uncomfortable. I have to stay off the pain meds to keep from feeling bloated and constipated. But when I'm off the meds long enough to regain regularity, I'm hurting pretty darn bad. Suggestions ? Are there alternatives to the meds I'm taking that are just as effective at knocking out pain but without the negative digestive system side effects?
Thanks in advance for your thoughts and responses.