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Hi Marie

Welcome to the Board.

Marie, are you coming off of Oxycodone or Oxycontin? And have you been tapering or are you just stopping cold? Please share a bit more.

The body aches can get pretty bad in withdrawal. All pain will increase dramaticallly in withdrawal. Also, there will be some anxiety and emotional garbage that hits as the body gets used to the fact that no more drugs are coming in and it has to start producing its own drugs again in the brain.

Please read the second thread on this board called "Sample Home Detox" as it will give good advice of some things to help during this period.

Come share some more
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I decreased my dose from three a day to two a day for 2 days and took my last dose at 11pm last night. I am having terrible muscle pain and cant get comfortable. I already took benedryl, advil, immodium, zantac and a hot shower. I am on oxycontin. Did you say day three will be the worst. Why? I really want to get off the oxy and I can see why people are unable to stop. These muscle pains are awful. Also, why would you have restless leg either way. I have noticed if I take more than 3 oxys a day my legs hurt more. Is this common? Is today considered day 1? I dont know the half life of oxy.

Thank You all for the responses. Everything helps

Hello Marie

It is a pretty dramatiic tapering there for sure, but if you can handle it, then good for you. Days 3-5 can be really rough symptom wise when going cold turkey. The diarreha will hit like nobody's business and sweats and shakes. The restless legs are a symptom of withdrawal... the brain sends out messengers looking for remnants of the drug and it causes those legs to jump. Hot baths, compresses, Bengay... those things can provide some degree of relief. It is most noticable when we are trying to rest because nothing is distracting us from it. Muscle pain is from the same source... body searches going on.

I am not sure ofthe half life of Oxycontin.

Marie, I admire your resolve to get off the meds greatly. I do think though that your doctor should be included in your plan. Many take clonodine while withdrawing, a blood pressure med, prescribed by their doctors and it seems to help with some of the symptoms.

Withdrawal can be a tough process. If it gets overwhelming, keep asking questions and do not forget to include your doctor...he really may be needed.

Best, best wishes
dorskin and fellow health board members,

Thank you so much for your support. I cant tell you how much everyones kind notes/encouragement has helped.

dorskin- I am courious- What do you do for pain management now. Or if anyone else has the answer, please chime in. I know I started oxycontin for very real pain. I dont think I was an "addict", however if I missed a dose I would have w/d sx. I never took more than I needed or abused it. What am I going to do for pain management. Cant take nsaids because of servere acid reflux/ulcers. I have been taking advil to help with w/d's but the heartburn is bad. I dont want to start anything with a potential for addiction again.

Well I have been counting down the hours since my last dose and praying the leg pains go away soon. To be honest, I feel exhausted but cant sleep because of the leg aches.
Now I am starting to have what feels like heart palpatations/anxiety.

thanks to everyone, I truely appreciate all the input.

Hello fellow health board members,

Today is day 3 and it is tough. I am running on little sleep, the mood swings are frequent and the muscle pains seem to come and go. I dont know if this is a good sign or not. It took all my energy and 2hrs to get a load of laundry done. Oh, also the headaches/neck pain rate a 10 today.
I keep trying to tell myself its all worth it but a little voice in my head trys to talk me into restarting my oxy. I have frequent toughts of rationalizing the reasons I should vs the reason why I should not take my oxy. I knew I would feel bad but honestly thought after day 2 I would be feeling much better. I really do find myself thinking how the pain would go away and I can function again if I just started. I wonder when these feeling will go away and when will my energy return.
Good news is no oxycontin since wed 11pm. Still continue to count the days. I also continue to read other peoples entries to follow their recovery. I really do feel like it helps. Along with everyones support.
I should mention my family thinks I have the stomach flu. My fellow board members are my only support.

Thanks for the notes
Mariecan, crabber,you,too...
Both of you please hang in there. Days 3 and 4 are tough, but if you can get over the next day or two, the very worst of the wd's will be over. I'm not saying its going to be easy by any means, but please stay strong and think about what a horrible life it is being addicted to oxycontins is, and also please know that there is hope and peace once you get thru this.
I know. I was addicted to oxy for a long time and am not anymore by the grace of God and the support on this board.
The energy will come back, I promise. You will sleep again. I know what you are going thru.It is awful but it gets better and better by the day so HANG IN THERE.
Be strong. Try Praying. It helped me tremendously to beg for help from my maker after many years of serious abuse.
Read alot here. Post alot here. Know that there are people here who care.
Looking forward to talking to you in a few weeks, and then a month of you being clean...*smile*

Know that there is hope. You can do this and I am so very proud of the both of you.


Fellow board members,

DAY 4. I had a very rough night last night, woke up this am and was very close to taking oxy. Servere fatigue has set in. Im hungry but cant eat. My muscles in my legs hurt soooo bad.

Jerry- your post when I woke up was just what I needed. I want to thank you for giving me the hope I need to continue on my road to staying off oxycontin. Having friends on this board with kind words and encouragement, who know just what I am going through, helps tremedously. Thank you again Jerry and a big hug for you.

I am trusting that my energy will soon come back. I feel so useless. I am completely type A and have not cleaned my house in 6 days. Everytime I get up to do something the fatigue hits and I have to sit down. On the flip side, I think the inactivity contributes to my weakness. I also have some shortness of breath. Did anyone else have this? I hope I make it through day 4. Everyone seems to think after day 4 you do feel a bit better.
Crabber- I wonder how you feel today? Today is what day 5???
Thank you everyone for the support. Anything you can add to help me make it through day4 will help.

Dorskin and members,
I just wanted to say thanks for the note. I am going through this myself. This board is my only support system. I did not want to involve family for reasons I cant talk about (nothing bad) but I do not want to burden children, spouse out of town. I honestly do not feel like an addict. Took 30-40mg oxycontin for 10 years. I never needed to increase my dose, did not get high or a rush. It actually gave me my life back, I was able to work, go to school, clean my house and do all lifes daily activities. Thats why I sometimes think, just take one, get what you need to get done. I have a true medical condition that leaves me in pain. Advils been my friend now. I made the decision to stop because I was tired of living my life around what time I needed to take my meds and I also wanted to see how much my disease has progressed. I have aggregated tubular myopathy (fibromyalgia type pain). However, my husband thinks because I take pain meds I must be an addict. I dont know, I felt physical w/d when I missed a dose. Me wanting to take a dose now is not to get a high but to function. My pain management doctor actually did not want me to stop. He said I am on a steady dose that allows me to function with my disease and to stop taking it to see where I am with my pain is not what he would suggest.
So, what do you all think? Bad idea to stop? I think I have come this far, I have support online, I have the will power, and I am surviving. So there you go. Sorry- this is an emotional time for me now. Thanks for listening.
Good Morning board,
DAY 7---------

Jerry- Big hug for you buddy. That was just what I needed to hear. I really did not think I would be feeling so bad for this long. I had unrealistic expectations. Jerry- tell me something- how are you really feeling at this point in your recovery. What is your motivation?
Today, my muscles are still fatigued, my legs ache as soon as I sit down or try to go to sleep, and frequent bathroom trips still plague me. Shouldnt the w/d symptoms be gone by this point. Oh, dont forget about the headache. Anyone know if this sounds right. My last dose of Oxycontin was last [email protected] 1wk ago.
On a positive note, my mind does feel clearer than a couple of days ago when I was in a fog, unable to concentrate. So glad Im on vacation ( some vacation). I have a bit more energy this AM but not anything like before. My muscular fatigue/pain may be from tubular myopathy, the reason I started pain med to begin with. I just dont know if this is still w/d.
Thanks everyone for keeping me straight, sticking it out with me, being my friend, and sending caring thoughts. I just cant say thank you enough times.
Making it hour by hour,
Marie, good morning, again. *smile*

I know that what was what you needed to hear. Our addictions, especially with a major strong drug like oxycontin are very strong, and our mind certainly plays whatever tricks it can on us, subconciously or not, to try and get us to continue using. It is the nature of the beast.
As far as you feeling this bad for this long, please remember, you have been using for a long time. Opiates are very very strong drugs. It takes time. Bear with this just a bit longer and you will see that overall, in the grand scheme of things that the withdrawl process is nothing compared to getting our lives back, being able to smile again and be content and happy, not looking forward to our next fix, or pill, or whatever the case may be. They are all the same.
You are still feeling residual withdrawls while your body looks for any remnants of the opiates that you have been using fort a long time, that is why your legs are still feeling the RLS (took me at least several weeks, so this is normal), The bathroom trips should be ending over the next few days, (remember, your body is cleaning itself out!), the headaches should dissapear soon, and the lack of sleep thing , unfortunately probably took me close to a month before I was back to normal.
Dont let this time frame thing get you down. Keep thinking about what a great goal you have set for yourself, and trust me, you are going to be SO happy you did this. *smile*

Hmmm. Me. Well, right now, I must tell you that after being a terrible addict for many years, that my head is sooooo clear compared to what it was, I feel so much more happy with myself and the way my life has turned around, my job is going as good as it could be (12 hour days...*lol), i feel confident about myself, and I think that those around me must notice the difference in my attitude about life in general. How couldnt they? I smile all the time, so if this is any help at all, keep up what you are doing and you will see what I mean. i cant explain it as good as it feels. Youll see. :)

You dont need to say thank you. I know already.

DAY 7 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello all,
Im still here, and still off oxycontin. Just no energy yet. Im having alot of trouble walking today. Up for a few minutes and my legs are giving out. Only slept 4 hours last night.
I cant wait for the day I come online and say, "Wow I feel great today".
Thanks everyone for checking in on me.
Hi all,

Hope everyone has a great 4th. I slept 5 hours last night but I did a stupid thing. I never ever drink alcohol. I had a bright idea Id make me a mix drink last night to maybe get one good night sleep. Boy, Im feeling it this AM. Still have this stupid headache and my legs may be a bit better. I now am trying to look at the positive. I looked back at one week ago, boy what a difference. Im down to Immodium once a day now. Chills are gone, legs are weak and hurt but not like before. Baby steps---. My spirits would be better if I cound just get 1/2 the energy I had, I just feel so wiped out when I start doing anything. Then I get depressed because I feel useless. Cant even clean my house, best I can do is make sure its picked up. Very sad. Thats not sounding to positive, is it?
Okay- Im better and off oxycontin DAY 8 yeah...
Thank you to all my friends,