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Hello Mariecan,

Thank you for your encouraging words :) I agree, writing it all out does something for me too. I really need the feedback I get from everyone, as it helps me stay where I am and not have a setback.

I thought of going cold turkey. In fact, I was so set to do it, but my doctor and husband advised against it. I originally was at 800mg of Oxycontin (2 weeks ago). I went down to 400mg right away (OMG the w/d's were violent) and now I'm doing a taper every 3 days. Sun, Mon and today I took 240mg. Tomorrow, Thurs and Fri I'll be at 120mg. Sat, Sun and Mon I'll drop again to 60mg. Its fast and it sucks, however I really didn't have the option to go cold turkey. My doctor said I was at way too high a dose to just stop. I would have needed to be hooked up to an IV and be under doctors care 24/7 so that means I'd have to have gone into the hospital. I originally intended to taper as much as I could at home, then go into Rehab and detox there, but I found out some info and decided my best option would be to detox at home.

So next Monday, I'll be at 60mg, and I may just stop there and detox throughout that week. Then I'll walk into Rehab and hopefully have the worst behind me.

I really am terrified of whats to come. I can already feel intense w/d's and I'm going to taper again tomorrow! Woah, this has been tough, but I'm going to do it regardless of what comes at me. I have use of my brother-in-laws house starting today (He and his wife went to Europe for 3 weeks) so I have a house to myself so my girls don't have to see mommy go through all this. My brother-in-laws house is gorgeous, there'll be alot for me to do and its right across the street from our house so my hubby will be very close to check up on me. My mom also lives near me so she'll come to stay with me for a night or two. The best part is they have a huge jaccuzzi so if my legs get any worse then they are now, I'll be able to sit in the bath and get the circulation going.

Congrats on day 6!! You must be feeling better now eh? (lol, Canadian speak) I hope everything starts to go smoother for you :) You deserve it, especially now :)

Have a great day, I'm going to wake up my 3 year old and take her out for a walk. Everyone is sleeping in today, yet I've been up since 5am lol.

Take care, keep in touch :)

Loves emsmom (K)
Thanks Jerry, thats exactly what I'm doing. I'm constantly remembering why I have to do this, and how important it is to me.

I just got in from the park. I took my 3 yr old out at 9:30am this morning. I had to get out or I knew my day would consist of laying on the couch, sucking on peppermints all day (they help with the nausea) and not being able to motivate myself later (cause I was on the couch all day lol). So, I guess I did something right today cause the w/d's aren't as bad as I thought. They suck, thats for sure, but moving around helps so much.

To anyone out there who is suffering from withdrawals, get out of the house and do something. Go shopping, ride your bike, go visit a friend, see a movie...whatever. Just find a way to get out of your house, and I promise you'll feel much better. I am on day 2 of a taper (Oxycontin) from 400mg - 240mg and I thought I'd be freaking out by now but I'm doing well :)

Tomorrow, I'll drop again to 120mg. I'm assuming it'll feel worse since I'm dropping again so soon, however I'll take my own advice - I'll even read this to myself tomorrow if I have to lol.

Wishing everyone a good day :)

Well, just got home from the doctor's. I am going to slow down my taper (6 days on each level, instead of only 3). Unfortunately, I only have 11 days until I go, so I'll be at approx. 60mg Oxycontin when I get to Homewood.

My hubby and I both tried calling today to clarify the detox procedures, but no one has returned our calls (grrr) so we'll try again tomorrow. My doctor and I went over some forms that were mailed to me from Homewood and the literature "clearly" outlines that the first week is "assessment, detoxification and stabalization," and the last three weeks are "recovery." So...It doesn't make sense to me why my case manager would tell me all that stuff about diving right into my schedule the second day I'm there. I'm thinking (hoping, rather) that I was mis-informed.

Essentially, I have two scenarios - 1. Find out I was mis-informed, taper as much as I can and do detox at Homewood OR 2. Find out I "do" have to detox before I go and check myself into a hospital to detox sometime next week (which absolutely terrifies me, to the point of crying and shaking), and arrive clean. Arriving "clean" to Rehab??? What the........

Anyhow, I won't be able to find out until tomorrow, as the admitting dpmt. has closed for the day (grrr) and no one is available to speak to me about this matter today.

So for now, I sit tight, take a deep breath and pray this all works out in my best interest. What the difference if I go to detox next week or the week after, you ask? Well, I am a creature of habit (no drug pun intended) and I don't adapt well to change, never have, probably never will - Going to Homewood, detoxing then getting into program and schedules has been my mantra for three weeks now. Thats all about to change if I have to detox somewhere else. It may sound stupid to some, and I can respect that, however I had my mind set on something, thought about it 500 times a day, and now there's a possibility that it may not happen that way. That bothers me more than anyone could know.

No matter what happens, its important for me to be clean and in recovery so I'll have to accept what is dealt to me, and tough it out. I need to do this for myself, cause I don't want to be "that girl" anymore. That girl who spent $250/day on pills. That girl who didn't have time to take her beautiful girls to the park (tears) cause she'd rather wait for the call to go pick-up.....

I want to be me again.........

emsmom :(