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I am on percocet for 8 herniated discs, nerve damage, MS and pain is rediculous. HOWEVER, percocet and oxycontin control my every move. I take 2 30mg percocet every 4 hours and an 80mg oxycontin in the morning if I cant get out of bed from pain and another every 8 hours thereafter but rarely take the 80 mg oxys. How would I go about stopping taking 60mg of percocet every 4 hours? I would prefer to just take motrin and deal with the pain than be addicted to this devil of a drug. It literally controls me. I take it as prescribed and dont abuse but need to get off it because I am not the man I used to be, not even close because of this drug. Any siggestions on the weening process would be so greatly appreciate. 36 year old on permanent disability and want to live without a strong addiction to pain medicines.
THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE for any help you can provide.

PS - Not interested in suboxone, want to take the natural approach!