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Good morning M,

First, yes you respond to my questions on my post, ask me how I'm doing on a thread that I've started. If you're dicsussing something to do with your taper (or new things about you) you do that on this thread. Also keep in mind, if you're going to change topics, its a good idea to start a completely new thread (ex. clonidine) :)

As for clonidine, I have it every day. I take .1 mg 2-4 times a day depending how bad the w/d's are.

Ok, why would you slow down a taper?.....

You won't feel the w/d's nearly as much as if you tapered every 3 days, down by half. Going slower allows your body to adjust to that level before you come down again. Going every 3 days, you will be in full w/d and it will suck SO bad.

Lets say you're taking 200 mg of Oxycontin a day. You'd start by taking 180 for two weeks, then 160 for two weeks, then 140 for two weeks etc. The body doesn't notice it nearly as much. You will feel very little, if any, w/d.

I understand why you're wanting to do it quick like I am - it makes sense to just "get it over with" however, if I had sufficient time to taper, I'd slow WAY down. This is so rough on me. I've actually slowed mine down to every 6 days cause I was starting to freak out, and I don't want to do that until I'm at Rehab (well I don't want to do it at all lol, but thats my option :) )

That place in Toronto you're talking about is the BMW dealership on the DVP (Don Valley Parkway - Highway). It has a BMW built into the concrete on one side, and a car driving down the building on the other side :) I've always thought that was kinda neat.

My older brother lives in Woodbridge :) Now "thats" a beautiful place. Its 20 mins from my house, is a great place to shop (lol yep, I'm female, that had to come out) and has the best Italian restaurants! Actually, my brother is only two blocks from Canada's Wonderland (we can see it from his backyard).

You asked how I'm feeling today. Well its 4:30am and I'm awake lol. I woke up with those dreaded night sweats. It rips through your skin, hurts actually, cause you're sweating but you're freezing at the same time. Its hard to put on a sweater cause its so hot here (just like 85 degrees in the states) but you can't just wear a t-shirt or tank top cause you have goose-bumps. Trust me M, the slower you can go, the better. You don't have to take up to a year, I was just telling you how Reach did it. Some people take a few weeks, some a few months, some more than a year. Everyone is different, and everyone reacts different, but if you have the option to NOT do it every 3 days (down by half) than I'd definitely take that hand-out :)

I'm going to go choose a DVD to watch, as I'm sure there's nothing on TV this early in the morning lol.

I hope you have a great day :) Thanks for your encouragment, friend.

Love emsmom

P.s I do see my kids every day. There's a park across the street, so I venture out when my hubby calls to say they're going out to play. He does it about 6 times a day lol (not normal) cause he knows I miss them terribly. The first night, I brought my older daughter (she's 5) with me to have a jaccuzzi. Her and I read books together, then I walked her home and went back.