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Thank you Nana Pat! I am not in PT yet and am not sure when I will start. My next appt is July 24, I was due to see surgeon last Thurs, but was too sick and in too much pain to get out of the house! I mourned that decision later, but at the time I truly knew it was more than I could do at that moment! I am on a boat load of meds, all of my pain killers that I take for RA have been increased quite a bit and I am taking oxycontin 200mg per day, ultram 300 mg per day and norco 10/325 3 times a day. I have taken medrol for my RA, but was not given anything for nerve pain except ice packs, more pain pills and lidoderm patches.

I have a brace I wear when not in bed, but I do worry about bending, twisting etc at other times, how much can cause damage, I am so afraid of popping a screw or something! How heavy is too heavy to lift? I have not been given very good instructions postcare as they were concerned about all my other problems.

Did you have any of the facial or body rashes or marks that I mentioned?

I already feel your hugs and prayers!God bless you for taking time to reach out to a hurting sister! I hope I can write to you and not bother you, its nice to know I am not alone! I hope others offer their ideas too! How long since your surgery and what is your life like now and how are you?

Love and hugs and appreciation, Kimberly