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I have a son, 19, who just confessed he is addicted to oxycontin. He lives in NC, I live in Florida. I got on a plane right away to do what ever I can to help him. He checked into a rehab center and checked out 4 days later. He insisted on Suboxone, after reading much as I could, I took him to a dr. who prescribed. He just started 2 days ago. He has agreed to particiapte in out patient therapy, I am gathering info. and scheduling appointments. he is saying he wants to kick this, but on both day one and two of the suboxone, he smoked pot. Now I have told him that I will not support him finacially with the suboxne if he is going to continue to smoke or use. Am I doing the right thing??? I feel he is not serious if he is taking suboxone and smoking pot! How tough should I be with him?