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ohhhhhhhhhh my oh myyyyyyy going back to day 20 ! let me see. That was just 10days at home, as I was kept in for 10 days. Okay. Still had he bed down stairs, possibly was able to walk for 10 minutes, hadnt ventured out, only up and down the road. My back felt if there was a huge concrete block in it, I used to all it the KNOT, it was this intense feeling of pressure where the fusion was. I could sit for maybe 10 minutes on a good day and over the weeks, and I mean a good number of weeks it went to about 30min.

I am 14 Months (no not a typo 14 months) since by double fusion... Do I regret it no. But it hasnt given me the quality of life I thought I would have. I can sit for about 90min in a car. I cant stay up longer than 5 hours without having to lye down for an hour. then up again........ repeat....... I am on oxycontin 60mg aday.

You are doing great......... I would be so so so happy if I were you. Your recovery is sounding like it should be. It sounds like what I would have expected. You are only 20days......... at 20 weeks I would have been happy with that.

How debiltating was you back before your fusion.......... had you intense pain, were you lying down alot with it???? I would love to know, so I might see why you are discourage at this stage. You are doing so good, believe me, and I hope it will be a success. Please dont try to rush your recovery you have only one back, mind it, and if that means more time off work, let it be, that is what it needs.