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Delighted to see your post was from England, just a hop skip and a jump from me ! I read your post yesterday, and I just said she is the same as me........ what advice can I give, when i cant even get my own pain sorted. I used to visit the back problems on the forum here alot, but then as the weeks after my double spinal fusion, went into months, and months I just visit the pain management section more often. I recently did a posting there it was "Can you relate to this", on the pain management section. I described my life and how I feel about others etc., not understandin the pain and how disabling it is. Your symptoms are the same as mine. I have had my fusion one year ago last May. While the constant pain is gone. i cant stand for long, cant do a car journey 2hours is the most and I am crippled.. sitting causes me great pain after awhile. I cant stay up all day. 4 or 5 hours up and I need to lye down. 20minutes walking and I am in so much pain, need to sit or lye down flat.

What has helped me since the end of may is the fact I went to a rehab physio where she told me I was to sore (again like you) I was put on Oxycontin and to build it to a level of 30mg twice aday. But as many here on the board have said they find it just last the 8hours pushing it, no way is it a 12 hour drug. So I learned from the forum that many people were taking it some 8 hours apart some 6 hours apart. So my total oxycontin was 60mg. So I am now taking it 6 hours apart while I am up. When I am asleep it could be 9 hours before the next dose. This doesnt cause a problem as morning is my best time. But taking it during the day has really really helped. I went back to the physio once the pain was under control (but not totally) she was able to work on me. Before even touching me I was so sore. I know it isnt the ideal way of taking the oxycontin if I was on the 80mg I would do the 4 in the 24hours which would be way way better.

The only thing my physio has said is she would have loved to have seen me before the fusion. She believes it wasnt necessary. BUT I am happy I went ahead, the constant pain is gone. But yes i have a different pain instead.

I used to feel after the surgery that there was a concrete block in my back, and made several posts here to see if anyone else had it...........

I am sorry i am not of much help to you............ but you are not alone. Go the to the pain management and see. Another good posting on how we all feel was "walk a mile in my house" and there was one on acceptance.

Honey you are not alone !
Hello Round1
Thankyou for your reply. How do I read your post "can you relate to this"?
Have you tried Morphine? Is Oxycontin, in your opinion better than Morphine?
Thankyou again for your help x