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Hello ashamed,

First of all, welcome and pleased to meet you. I'd like to tell you about my taper.

I agree with Reach profusely! Slow it down a notch. I just returned home from Rehab, here's how my "medically" supervised taper went...

Day before arriving at Homewood Rehab Facility - 400mg Oxycontin (broken and taken orally)

Day 1 at Homewood - 60 mgs Oxy 4pm and 60 mgs 10pm (taken whole)
Day 2 - 60 mgs morning, afternoon and night (total 180/day)
Day 3 - 60 mgs morning, afternoon and night (total 180/day)

I was stabilized at this point. I felt very minimal withdrawal. I was supposed to have 3 more days at this dose, but told my doctor that I felt great, and wanted to begin the taper.

Day 4 - 60 mgs morning 50 mgs afternoon 60 mgs night
Day 5 - 60 mgs morning 50 mgs afternoon 50 mgs night

Each day after that, my doctor tapered me 10 mgs/day. I felt no withdrawal. The odd time, I'd get a little sweaty, but thats all.

I went down to 10mgs and then detoxed. My detox was great!! Apparently, I was in detox but I didn't feel anything. I even rode my bike (motorcycle) while I was in detox, and anyone who rides, knows its impossible to ride a bike while detoxing lol.

You can do this! The reason I explained my taper, was to show you how easy it can be. I was at a point in my life where I assumed I'd take pills until I was an old lady (lol) but I didn't know a taper could be so easy.

Please listen to Reach - she knows what she's talking about. Reach is the reason I've been so successful. I took her advice and made it, you can too :)

Good luck to you, and if you have any questions, just ask. There are so many wonderful people on this board who are always there when you need them :)

Love and hugs,