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Hey guys!

First of all, thank you SO much for all your encouraging posts to me. I tried to get online as much as possible, however I was soooooo busy, barely had time to sit down lol. It was great though - kept me really busy. The program at Homewood was intense, so much to do (classes, meetings, recreation time) every day!! I barely had time to call my girls and speak with them.

I am very impressed with Homewood :) I came out of there with so much knowledge and success, I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to be a patient there.

I was supposed to stay until August 22, however, I ended up in the hospital with Kidney Stones, so I had to come back to Toronto and see my urologist. I'll be admitted back to Homewood early September, to finish my program. I still have two weeks left. I'm rather sad that I have to go back, but its for my recovery, so I'm determined to "trust the process" and do what they say :)

Just to let you know, I'm completely detoxed off Oxycontin. My doctor tapered me down from 400mg to 10mg in two weeks. The withdrawals were minimal so I felt pretty good throughout the taper. On Tuesday, I was down to only 10mg/once a day. I came home Tuesday night, with no withdrawals - I felt pretty good. I expected to feel something yesterday and today, but nothing! No withdrawals at all.

So if there's anyone out there hoping to taper, go for it!!! In my opinion, tapering is the best - only if its controlled though. My doctor in Rehab controlled the doses, I didn't break them (just ate them whole, like you're supposed to) and felt hardly any withdrawl. I was so impressed.

I'll be seeing my Urologist on Monday to have a stent surgically implanted in my kidney, to allow the stone to pass through (its a big one, 10mm) so I'll keep in touch...

I hope everyone is doing well, thanks again for all your encouraging words. I needed that more than you can ever know :)

Love and Hugs,
Hey guys,

Grannyo - My birthday has passed - I turned 32 on August 1st. Hubby came out with my mom and my girls...we had a picnic on the grounds at Homewood. Its beautiful there :) My oldest turns 6 on August 19th, and our 10th anniversary is on the 22nd...so I'll be home for both. I don't go back to Homewood until early September.

I am going to have sound-wave done next week, to blast the stones out before they cause anymore problems. I've had mild kidney failure and believe me, it sucks! I just can't wait until this is all over. Thank you for your kind words. How have you been?

Executor - Thank you :) I am very proud of myself but it means more when someone else says it :)

I couldn't believe he gave me my "drug of choice" either. I was beside myself when I realized what he'd done. My gosh, how stupid can you get? Lol.

When I walked into Rehab, I was on 300 - 400 mgs of OxyContin. My doctor immediately put me on 3 doses of 60 (total 180/day). I did that for 3 days (to stabilize) then started tapering in increments of 10 - 20 mgs/day. I felt very little withdrawal (wasn't even relevant). This went on for two weeks, until I was down to 10mg. Honestly, it really wasn't that bad. I was terrified they'd make me go Cold Turkey, but I stressed out for nothing lol. I didn't even have a normal detox. I felt a little w/d towards the end of the taper (from 30 mg to 10 mg) but that was it. Once I stopped, I didn't feel anything at all. Weird eh?

Izzy's mom - Thank you :) I am doing much better. Like I said to Executor, "How stupid can you get?" I really don't understand why he'd prescribe my drug of choice. I sat down with him, told him I was an addict and OxyContin was my drug of choice...so it really doesn't make sense why he'd write a script for percocet.

I hope everyone is doing well :) Its 5am, just got home from the hospital (they put a stent in my ureter so I stayed on a morphine drip and for observation cause they went through my back - 14 stitches). I feel great, considering everything I've gone through this past week. The pain I went through with my kidney stones doesn't even compare to this mild pain from surgery, so its irrelevant.

I just have a question for everyone. Considering my taper (400 mg to 0 in two weeks), I seem to have my energy back...does this sound early to anyone? Its been a week since I stopped completely and I'm already feeling like myself again. It just seems too good to be true. Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT complaining - just curious if anyone else felt good after one week clean.

Night night everyone :)
Hey now Emsmom...

You sound great. You need to consider yourself lucky re: the withdrawl thing.

I made myself go cold turkey off of Oxycontin and it was horrible...you being in a controlled environment is a great way to go about it. If I'd had them I never would have been able to control myself. Great job, and keep up the good work. You sound very positive. It only gets better...*smile*

I havent been in here much. Busy at work, is that an excuse? I do keep looking in but havent posted too often lately.

Take care.