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Hi there,

I am so sorry to hear about your husbands pain, and many people have said that to you I bet, and they havent a clue what your poor husband and you and family are going through.

I had my fusion same as your hubbie last May 12months. So I am 16months post surgery. I am remembering back to this time last year and thinking I would be so much better in a years time. Well here I am, still not back at work. But thankfully I am in less pain........ why ???? to a certain extent the operation took some of the pain, but let me restricted in other ways and I still cant walk far, stand or sit for long periods of time. When did I notice a difference? about July of this year. I went to see a pain management specialist as I just could not continue with the pain. The weight was falling off me. I was like skin and bone from the pain. I was eating but the pain was so bad I was just exhausted from it and he took one look at me and told me an animal wouldnt be left in that pain. So I started on oxycontin low dosage and then built it up to 30mg am and 30mgs pm. This helped but after researching more and the help of the pain management section here on this forum I now take 20mg every 6 hours and the pain has been good. Not quite to where I would wish it to be. But getting there.
The only advice I can give your husband is now pain management. I know if I have a problem all the Neuro does is x-ray and once his nuts bolts and screws are in the right position he looks at it that his hardware isnt causing the pain. If another MRI isnt been done I would suggest pain management. It isnt the ideal situation to be in.......... but if it gives you relief I am sure you won't mind.

Your husband is very luckey to have your support and understanding in going through this. It really does make things easier "mentally" when you know your spouse understands your pain. when you are in pain and you feel so helpless that you cant do normal things. Simple things just cant be done and you just need to lye down. You should encourage him to come to the healthboard even if it is to read the posts. We are all in the same boat searching for answers. I know I started posting in the back section then felt I hadnt much to offer people going for surgery so I moved on to the Pain Management section............ but of course visit here aswell.

take care