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Hello all, I fell off the wagon. Not all the way off, but far enough to have to start over. I have not done any Oxycontin but I have another steroid injection scheduled with Dr staple next Monday and I couldn't wait any longer. I got a fill of a script from my doc for 10mg percs. He set me up with 4/day and I talked with the Mrs about all this. She is supportive and tells me that if I take them as prescribed, she is OK with it. Unfortunately, Im an addict and am all but positive that I will fail. She holds the pills and fills the daily pill dispenser for me, but it's still a narcotic. I am messing up but the pain is just too much. I will check with the pain management Dr on Monday and find out how long til the ESI is good to go. I want to stop taking the pills as soon as I feel better and with the injections.......it's a few weeks til I get relief.

I am such an idiot! I feel like a hypocrite with all the talk I've put out there only to fall. I am sorry to all who have supported me and I will get clean.

Thank you and Im sorry

Hey darlin. I'd like to share with you, something I learned in Rehab...

Every morning, we'd do rounds and my group (about 20 people) would take turns telling each other how we were doing. I'd say "Hi I'm emsmom and I'm an addict." We were supposed to mention our "clean" dates however, I was tapering so I just said "I'm not clean yet, I'm tapering."

I was pulled aside after the second day and told that I am indeed clean. I wasn't self-medicating and I was following doctors' orders. It took a few days for me to accept this cause I'd always look forward to med times, as I knew I'd be getting my OxyContin. I explained this to my doctor but she reassured me that I will most likely "look forward" to the meds but that didn't mean I wasn't clean.

Again, it took me awhile to accept, but if you think about it, you'll understand :)

I'm proud of you for recognizing that its still a narcotic, just remember - you aren't acting like an addict this time - you're simply following orders. There are so many of us (addicts) who cannot live without pain meds, so don't be so hard on yourself.

Love and hugs,
OK, now I really screwed up!! I had my back procedure yesterday and the DR was walking around with a prescription pad. My brother ended up staying out in the waiting room and I couldn't help myself. I ended up getting a script of Oxycontin, I really messed up. I called my sponsor and I have meetings all this week.

I apologize to all and this is my first day clean. THank god I dont have to go through the withdrawals again