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Amelia, Got your reply on my thread, I do have pain issues, I started taking pain pills for a bad back years ago and had back surgery a few years ago, it helped alot but I have also been on oxycontin and methodone but not for years and that was hard to get off of. The lorcet has been my DOC for along time and I am trying so hard to give them up. I don't have insurance or I would have already went to Dr. When I had to retire from my proffession 5yrs ago I lost all of that. I loved my job and I got where I couldn't do it anymore without pills. I'm 55yrs old and it's hard to get insurance on your own you can afford. I sure didn't start out for pleasure but, I wish I had never laid eyes on pills and I am trying to cope with the pain because I know my addiction is ruining my life. If my family knew how many I have taken the would be disgusted in me because of my profession they think I would know better and not get hooked. Well I will stop rambling now it's been a bad last 3 days, 1 granddaughter in er 10hrs the other nite and my grandson had a bad dirt bike wreck last, he's 12 and had to have surgery last nite on his leg and with withdrawing and all this I have about had it LOL Fiesty