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Baybreeze - I might be contemplating a 3 level fusion. I have recently had 2 opinions that have recommended a 3 level fusion. I am scared to death and want to make sure that I make the best decision for me. I am in alot of pain on an extremely high dose of oxycontin to control the pain. It is so hard to know what to do. I am trying to be optimisitc but at the same time I am scared about going under again -- it seems like I am deteroriating and I am following the doc orders to the "T". I just don't understand what is going on.

One of the drs that I saw said, I should never have had part of my hardware removed since I was not completely fused. Had he of done the surgery last November based upon my records it would have been a 3 level fusion. It is so scary when faced with these big decisions. Your try to make an educated decision and sometimes you learn that they were wrong.

Emily and everyone, I am doing the log roll but unfortunately, I have so much pain rolling and I have lost so much strength that I can't do it alone. My hubby is having to help me alot. I feel like a spring chicken caught in an old ladies body. LOL

Thanks again for responding.