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Anita, good morning.

Well, you found a good place here to vent your frustrations and emotions about your drug usage. No matter what, please make sure you keep posting your everyday feelings, good or bad; trust me, it feels good to get it out there. There are many here who are or have been in the past going thru exactly what you are going thru right now.

I too have abused drugs for a long time. Never got into the Xanacs, but was a heavy Oxycontin user for a long time, and a heavy cocaine abuser for years prior to that.

I hear you crying out for help here. Thank God you are realizing the mess you've gotten yourself into, but I guess thats inevitable after this long.
Now comes the hard part- you need to weigh the good things in your life against the fake pleasure the drugs give us. Remember the simple pleasures, like the sun against your face, or the pure innocence of a laughing child?

I thought I was always going to be a drug addict, and I guess i still am, but the difference today is that I am not using. Oh, life still throws negatives and curveballs at us, but when we are not using, it seems so wonderful! I can get up smiling now, instead of the first thought on my mind being " where am I going to get my fix"...and not being able to even cope without it...\

You CAN get the goodness back into your life, but, HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT???

You know you need to do this. Take the first step. You can turn around the negative energies into positives. You have a husband that cares for you and loves you, it sounds to me like if you tell him you need/want to quit he will help you and support you thru this.

Keep posting your thoughts.