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Hello everyone,
Im new here and wanted to talk for a few about whats going on,1 1/2years ago i Herinated my L-4 the first step i went through was my Primary care DR and i went through heck with them, i went to the ER 3 times and all i heard was O its a stained muscel...so my Dr sent me to PE and it never got better and the one working with me said "hey why dont we get you going to a MRI place" i then called my DR and before you know it i was stuck with the L-4 problem...i have no clue what i did as alot of us go through...so my dr put me on percs the 5mg ones...then pushed up to the 7.5mg like 4months later.;;when i went to see a PM dr who has been a big help...he put me on neurotin for the leg pain i have and that worked great...i was taking 300Mg 3xS a day then he decided to put me on Avinza for 24hour relife it was 30mgs well that didnt go so well...i was sick to my stomache and was up all night with pain in my legs and my back...i called and explained to the nurse so he then put me on Oxycontin 20Mg 2xS a day well i took those and the pain went away i was back to myself untill 4days later all i wanted to do was sleep and sleep and sleep...so i called again and told the nurse the pills work great but all it makes me wanna do is sleep and she kinda giggled and left him a nother message... so anyways..... he put my back on the percs 7.5mg and i just got another injection weds and that didnt really help either maybe it droped my pain level back down to a 5 and sometimes a 6 ...so right now im on the percs and feeling kinda blah i notice when i take my meds i feel alittle better...could this be withdrawls from the oxycontin?? the feeling of being blah kinda hot then weak just not my normal self sence i been off them....i really dont like the idea of being on oxycontin but they did work...i have a appt OCT1st and really not sure what to do or expalin to him....he is very aware about how i feel about taking medaction as it is..but i now that if i dont take it im just gonna be in pain 24 hours aday....I refuse to get surgery and wont unless i cant walk....im wondering if it was you what would your route go??? im tired of feeling like a$$ anyone with a idea let me know...as im not to sure about the oxycontin cause of all the bad crap about it and what iv read...esp. the info about comming off the oxy isd no picnic....UGH! imput would be nice thanks for listening to me ramble....


p.s while on the oxycontin i was getting pain during the time but not often maybe like every few days or so....how to i go about asking if there is anything i can take for BT pain?