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Hello all!! I just wanted to start a thread were people can comment and share with me and others about there experiences with suboxone. About a year ago I was addicted to Oxycontin and any sort of opioid's I could get my hands on. After I felt that my life finally hit rock bottom and that I really needed to do something about my addiction I started to search for any sort of options and help I could get. Thanks to forums like these I found the information and support that led me to become the sober and productive member of society I em today. Suboxone just about saved my life and gave me the push and motivation I needed to finally beat the addiction, and eventually led to me being totally clean off all drugs. With a good doctor, counseling, and suboxone, I believe anyway with the desire to quit can really do it, and finally take back control of there life's!! So please lets spread the information and make sure every one is informed about suboxone treatment programs if that is what there looking into. If any one has any question about what to expect when starting a suboxone treatment program, please fill free to ask me any questions. Good luck to all!!