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I am a middle aged male who has been taking percecet for about 7 years total of which the last 3 have been pretty hard core......Average day is about 60-80mg of perks and recently been doing some oxycontin but cut that out about 2 weeks ago so down to about 6-8 10mg perks aday. There is no way for me to quit cold turkey so I have done some researching and chose to go on SUBOXONE.

In fact I just got home from my 1st appointment about an hour ago and plan to finish off the remaining percecet I have and start the suboxone on Friday.
I am completly scared out of my mind though for the last at least 3-4 years I wake up and take a perk, I have them with me all day long, all night long....I guess I took the first step and that is admitting I have a problem and than the second step is I went to get help now the biggest step of all is actually doing it...SO

Can anyone provide me with any information as to how their suboxone treatment has gone...When is the best time I should take it, how much I should actually take compared to what my doctor prescribed...I hear this stuff is very very potent..

Can I drink alcohol on it? Any information you can provide along with any motivation or support would be great...I want to thank you in advance for your reply...