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Yes, they are expensive. My multi-level spinal fusion, laminectomy ( and other stuff they did)was about 250,000. If you search on the internet, you will find that the number of fusions has dramatically increased over the years. In 2001, 122,000 were done. In 2003, 250,00 were done. And in 2006, 500,000 were done. In 2003, the national bill for hardware was 2.5 billion a year. A single screw can go for 1,000 dollars. Thus, increasing the rates of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome aka Post-Laminectomy Syndrome. This surgery generates billions of dollars for hospitals and surgeons. If you put FBSS, or post lam. syndrome in your internet encyclopedia, you will find a lot of interesting info. on it. My info. was backed by very reliable references. And, not just one source. Well, I guess they are worth it for people that have success with this surgery. Unfortunately, I fell in the percentage of people in the Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. In fact, my pain is excruciating. It pales in comparison to the pain I had before surgery. I used to take Vicodin prior to surgery. Now, I have to take Oxycontin:( I made myself worse). Sorry Mods if I got off the subject. Maybe I should have posted this in a new thread:confused:...Janiee P.S.My surgery was about 7 hours long( they did about a half dozen or more levels). I was also on a respirator for about a day and a half.