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When I was put on Suboxone,which was about ten months ago it worked like a miracle drug I was in full withdrawal of oxycontin,which I was taking under Doctor's care for about three years. I never had a problem with it. It worked on me about 30-45 minutes
after I took it. I slept good and and never had a headache from it. It totally stopped all of my withdrawal symptoms. It is the best med's that I have ever taken for the purpose that it was manufactured. I am still on subutex which is the same thing except it lacks the narcotic antagonist. This medicine suboxone is very good it helps people that are hooked on narcotics get off of them with little or no pain.
I want to be clear on one thing, Suboxone has definatly taken ALL my cravings away, no doubt about that. I was also hooked on Oxycontin and was doing 10- 20mg tabs a day! I have no desire now to take them, I plan on sticking this out! Thanks for the help