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Bill, I went through a similar experience. I was taking anywhere between 300 to 800mg of OxyContin. It nearly ruined my life. I was on the verge of losing my family and quite possibly my life.

I decided to try the Suboxone to get off all the Oxys without the horrible withdrawals. The Suboxone was a Godsend, believe me. Far and away it was the easiest way of quiting opiates that I had ever experienced.
I believe, iirc, that I was started out on a 12mg dose, then down to 10mg three days later, and then so on until I was off of it and free. The transition was painless. I have heard of other people having withdrawals from the Suboxone but I had none.

The thing that shocked me though was the price of the Suboxone treatment from place to place. I lucked out and found one for under $500. I firmly believe that many of these places are fleecing people and keeping them on the Suboxone for longer than they really need to be.