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Okay I’m really uneasy posting this mostly because not many people know of my ordeals even on these message boards but I figured if someone here could give me advice on how I can avoid falling off the wagon then its worth it. Here’s my situation I’ve struggled with an addiction to pain killers for years starting off with Vic’s and Percocet some prescribed most not though, then I moved to OxyContin which I was heavily addicted to for at least two years after loosing myself , my boyfriend all my money and dignity a friend of mine who had lost her children due to her drug addiction gave me Suboxone with the help of the suboxone I weaned myself off all pain killers and finally got my life back but I know that if I make one mistake I will most likely be right back were I started here is where my dilemma comes in I have recently had some major problems with my knee I just know something is severely wrong and I have this immense fear I will need surgery and be prescribed pain killers , I’ve never went through doctors to get or kick my addiction so they aren’t aware of what’s going on and honestly I don’t want them to know either I don’t think I’ll be able to make it through knee surgery and not take the pain killers and I’m petrified if I do take them I wont be able to stop again without a huge battle ahead of me. Has anyone here gone through this or no of anyone who has that may give me some advice so I have a chance of not falling back into my old habits?