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Hi everyone -
I have lower back problems (DDD, osteoarthritis, a bulging disk, bone spurs, etc).
Lately I have started having a new pain. I don't know if it is a spasm or what --- I just know it HURTS!!!! It is aggravated when I bend over and then try to get up!!!!! I have to stay in a semi bent over position for a while till it settles down and then I keep left over pain from it.

The position of it is on my right side; kind of above and around the top of that pelvic bone. Do you have any suggestions or ANYTHING???:)

We moved recently and I am desperately searching for a Pain Management Dr. who really cares!!!!!!!

The pain in my back is NOT under control. My meds (Oxycontin and Lortab) definetly help, but I need better control.

Anyway, I was just wanting to make sure that my new pain was back related.

Thank you for any help!!! I really appreciate it!!!!