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Hi all..

I am 26 M and have fibrous dysplasia in my left proximal femur.. diagnosed when I was 23. So far I've had a biopsy, and have tried fosamax (10 mg/day) and Zoledronate IV and pamidronate IV. Nothing seems to help very much..

Now I am considering surgery, and have read through the posts here that mention fibrous dysplasia.

My question is, with monostotic disease, and with current bone graft techniques and materials and medications, what do people know about how "final" the surgery is?

Has anyone had the tumor removed, bone graft, then been put on fosamax to keep the bad bone from growing back?

If the bone strengthens after surgery, does it indeed get rid of the pain? It's hard to imagine again being pain free like I was before I noticed it, I'm hoping surgery will help.

Thanks anyone for any ideas and thanks for reading.