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... Apparently anyone that has had a bowel reconstruction due to colitis can not tolerate the meds for Osteoporosis.I heard there was some type of I.V. infusions, if anybody knows about this I would love to hear from you or from anyone else that could help me with this. I am at my wits end :confused:

Hi, Marg. I've had a resection of the mid ileum due to Crohn's disease so we are in the same boat. The meds that it is best for us to stay away from if possible are the oral bisphosphonates, Actonal and Fosamax. However, there are two infusable bisphosphonates I am aware of Zometra (zolendronate) and Aredia (pamidronate). I've had one infusion of the pamidronate. It was scheduled to be a two hour infusion, but I experienced some very mild tingling at the lips and the wrists, so my infusion drip was slowed to a 4 hour rate. That tingling could be considered as a reaction. The day after the infusion I encountered about 10 hours of intermittent traveling bone and joint aches, chilled thru and thru and was queasy tho not quite nauseous. Due to the Crohn's giving me a lot of grief with nausea I had good ole Phenergan tabs on hand. They also make me SLEEPY. So, I just popped a Phenergan tab, climbed into a nice snug down sleeping bag under the bed covers and slept 10 hours away. I woke up feeling fine w/no other "problems". As you know, the infusions bypass the intestines eliminating the risk to our Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

Another option might be the relatively new daily self-injection, Forteo. That would also bypass our poor ole sensitive intestines. My Endocrinologist is "prepping" me for starting Forteo now.

Good luck and God bless.
Wow, you certainly have been "blessed" with more than a few nasty health problems! I refused both Fosamax and Actonel due to my Crohn's disease. I'm just NOT willing to take the chance of aggravating the Crohn's with them. However, I have seriously investigated both the IV pamidronate infusions and Forteo. I refused Forteo at first and thus had one pamidronate infusion but after investigating Forteo more thoroughly I am more receptive to trying it in place of the pamidronate. For the time being my Endo is treating me for osteomalacia with vitamin D therapy before continuing pamidronate or starting Forteo.
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... Interesting to know, Crohnie, how your drug works out for you and your stomach.O

First off, O, thanks so much again for referring me to this site! As far as the Forteo, heaven only knows when my Endo is going to be satisfied with this vitamin D therapy and let me start Forteo or re-start the pamidronate. I hope to find out at my next appointment on the 1st of March just what her goal is for the vitamin D level. My PTH isn't down to 30 yet but its getting closer.

As far as that day after my one pamidronate infusion, we were on our way home from Mayo and hubby insisted on taking me to ER as he was afraid, since I was on Imuran, that I had picked up some virus whilst there. ER made no mention of my symptoms being a reaction to the pamidronate infusion, they eventually assumed it was a viral syndrome prior to releasing me from ER. It was only after reading up more on pamidronate that I realized that the 10 hours of symptoms "could" possibly have been caused by the pamidronate infusion. I haven't had a chance to really ask anyone who KNOWS about pamidronate and possible side effects what they thought. Haven't seen the Endo since then and never got around to writing Mayo and asking. Like I said, given the state of my ole bones, I'd do the pamidronate again and just pop a phenergan and sleep the 10 hours away. I'd just rather do the Forteo injections myself at home. More convenient. We shall see.

By the way, I paid for a heel bone test myself ($45) just to see what the results were. On 09 Feb my heel bone density was -1.7 which indicates high risk for bone diminishment. I've never had the heel done before so have nothing to compare this reading with. My Endo did the wrist bone test in her office but I don't remember what she said the score was. -4.0 comes to mind but I could be all "wet" on that. The DEXA scores are the only ones I've kept in mind and kept track of. I'll be asking her when I see her just what that wrist bone score was. I hate having tests done in doctors' offices as you never seem able to get a written result. In fact, I'm guessing she will do another wrist scan when I see her on the 1st. I've still got a lot to learn about this osteoporosis bit.