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My son has had CRMO since May 2002 (now 17 yrs old). He was involved in a bus accident and hurt his wrist. After x-rays, MRI's, bone scans, two surgeries, 6 weeks on home IV Antibiotic therapy... he was referred to a Rheumatologist who has used Pamidronate Therapy. This drug is also used in Bone Cancer patients, however, it gives :) immediate relief - within 3 days - to all symptoms of CRMO.

The 1st treatment was for 3 days, then monthly for 2 days/month for 4 more months. He had complete relief for 5 months then had a small flare up and required a one day treatment, then two months later another one day treatment.

Although he still has CRMO, he is symptom free, and pain free!! Hope this helps those looking for an effective treatment for CRMO.

I was diagnosed with Sapho Syndrome, which CRMO is a subclass of this disease.

I had question regarding the Pamidronate infusions. I have taken two infusion at 60mg over 4 hours on monthly basis and have noticed that the pain in the area that is mostly effected by CRMO in my case being sternoclavicular have become worse as the joint has gone through complete remodeling..

What do you mean that the first treatment was for 3 days?

I am located in Toronto, Canada and I have seen two RA who have no experience with this condition.