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Hi, I have sever osteoporosis and have been on Evista on which my bones are getting worse. Does anyone else have this problem with Evista. Unfortunately I am allergic or get bad side effects to most meds and this one did not seem to bother me. I have been to 3 endos. The first said I am going to be dust, the 2nd said I should be allergy tested for Zometa and the 3rd gave me samples of liquid Fosamax and said if I can't take it she will give me Pamidronate IV every 3 months. Well, I had a mastectomy and my oncologist said Zometa will give me osteonecrosis of the jaw because I have osteoarthritis of the jaw joint, I have uncontrollable gastritis, esophagitis, acid reflux and am afraid to take the Fosamax - seeing the gastro doc Friday but I know what he is going to say....and the IV Pamidronate is the same as the Zometa except it is given every 3 months instead of once a year with the same side effects -- also may get kidney failure. It sounds worse than the Zometa as it is given more frequently. I want to go back on HRT as I was on steroids for Crohn's disease July 2001 to March 2002 and my bone density did not move a bit but no one will give them to me because of the breast cancer. I'd rather take the chance than die of osteo. I did see there a few new drugs on the horizon and wondering if anyone heard anything about them. They are: Lasofoxifene (Pfizer) a new generation SERM after Evista (which I would love to get my hands on.......Strontium ranelate - Protelos (Servier) a drug with a novel mechanism of action that works both by reducign bone resorption and stimulating bone formation. Seems like no significant adverse effects.....Preos - similar to Forteo but does not cause bone cancer like Forteo. Supposedly there is some difference between full length and fragment PTH agent forms which makes this a safer drug. Also, Calcilytics - also PTH oral, not injectable (NPS and Glaxo). The 3rd endo poopood these by saying the companies learned from the first round not to do the same tests so therefore the drug seems safer. Well, I'm willing to try them when they are available ----- hopefully soon, and if I can get someone to give me the HRT it might keep me stable until they are available. I also heard about Ibandronate IV and oral but I think it is as bad as the other bisophanates. I am going to see the 2nd endo again the end of this month and ask him about them. Maybe one of you could dig something up also. Thanks. Anyone out there able to give me a prescription for HRT??????????????????????????????? :eek: