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I was reading a post on the board about Paul Abdul having rsd and then a post on the RSD Alert page and it said that Paula Abdul was treated with Pamidronate for her RSD. Just wanted to know if anyone is taking this drug for RSD. If you are does it work? Side Affects?
It just seems interesting about this drug, it is surpose to help with bone loss, and increase bone density.
Funny thing, just last Friday I had a bone density test and the dr. put me on Fosamax which seems to be the same kind of medicine (Bisphosphonate), but Pamidronate is given by injection.( I think from my reading)
I am confused now, I thought RSD was a nerve disorder, not a bone disorder. I would appreciate your feed back. I have not taken any of the Fosamax as of yet for bone loss, I am waiting to see my PCP doctor before I start it cause it has gastro side effects, and I have gastro problems. Anyone who can clear up this confusion would be helpful. Have a pain free day.
Anne :angel:
I saw a brief article about the use of Pamidronate based upon European studies. These researchers say that the nerve pain is caused by a weakening of bones, so it would make sense.
The article was at [url]http://www.drmirkin.com/morehealth/G160.htm[/url]

My doctor just put me on Enbrel based on other research. I've done 2 injections (it's twice a week) and so far I'm not better yet. It takes 2 weeks to see results, so I've been told.
If it works, I'll send out a red alert!!