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Hi Everyone,

My doctor is trying very hard to get me off the Xanax. I have problem with most of the medications that he has given me such as effexor, remeron, fluvoxamine and Paxil.

I had such a bad reaction to effexor that I ended up in the hospital.

He has now prescribed me Prozac drops(5-10 drops) daily 20mg.

My dosage of Xanax after 6 months has not changed much..5 mg three times daily and sometime even less.

I was advised that I can take Xanax and Prozac.

I also have bone\joints condition that requires me to take NASID and Pamidronate infusions, which make me more anxious during my flare-ups. My condition is very rare and most doctors have never heard of it.

I would appreciate any feedback anyone can provide me about Prozac, as I am concerned with long-term usage of Xanax but since my anxiety and panic attacks are a lot better, I really do not want to mess things up with starting of Prozac.