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I too am a cancer patient and can relate to what you're going through. I don't have bone mets but the pain from my mesothelioma was SO bad last year that I finally gave in and did radiation which worked like a charm and I'm off all pain meds.

I had a hard time finding a drug that worked well and didn't make me miserable with side effects. My pain doc never gave me Oxy but I tried Ultram, Neurontin, Dilaudid, Duragesic, Methadone and Vicodin. The Vicodon was the only thing I could barely tolerate but then my body doesn't respond to narcotics like most people do.

I've read where there are specific drugs for the pain that's caused by bone mets. Bisphosphonates (etidronate, clodronate, pamidronate, and zoledronate). Have you looked on line? From what I've read they seem to work pretty well. Radiation is also used for the pain of bone mets. Has your doctor talked to you about that option?

I'm SO sorry that you're going through this. Do you have a pain management doctor or is your oncologist trying to deal with your pain? I highly recommend a pain doc since that's all they do. As a cancer patient you won't run into the same problems with docs being afraid to prescribe stronger or higher dose drugs as people with chronic pain conditions do.

I pray that you will get relief for your pain. Keep us posted when you can.

God Bless.