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Taape, keep in mind the infusable bisphosphonate, Aredia (pamidronate) and, I think another is zolendronate or something similar in spelling. I had one pamidronate infusion before I started the Forteo and I plan on going back to the pamidronate infusion when my 2 years on Forteo are up. The recommendation last I knew for pamidronate was an infusion every 3, 4 or 6 months. My drip was started at 2 hour rate but due to some very mild tingling of the lips and wrists it was slowed to a 4 hour drip. Piece of cake, just take a good book along unless the infusion clinic offers TV and you like TV. No GI disturbance whatsover and I have Crohn's disease which is why I will not go near Actonel or Fosamax or any other oral bisphosphonate.
Taape, the only side effects I encountered w/the pamidronate infusion was the mild tingling at the lips and wrist I mentioned which stopped when they slowed the drip to a 4 hour rate instead of a 2 hour drip rate. The infusion was done at Mayo Clinic but infusions can be done at any "infusion" clinic such as those for cancer therapy, Remicade infusions for RA and Crohn's, UC, etc.

My insurance only pays for a DEXA scan every two years and due to the delay in starting Forteo I won't be getting a DEXA until HOPEFULLY this coming August so I can't say if there has been any improvement or not. Sigh. (I'm the IMPATIENT type). Plus since I can't do any calcium supplementation I suppose I can't expect any DRAMATIC improvement since both Forteo and the bisphosphonates all insist calcium and vitamin D supplementation is necessary to assist them in their "good" effects. Yet another sigh. Who knows tho? I "might" get lucky and be the "test case" that shows improvement even w/o calcium supplementation. Altho I'm not getting my hopes up. I've convinced myself (I think) that if I just don't have any further bone loss I'll be happy and the Forteo will be worth it.