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Yes, Stones. PLEASE do let us know what the Endo at Duke has to say. I'm into my 12th month on Forteo but already wondering about what to do when my 24 months is up! I had one infusion of pamidronate prior to starting the Forteo and had assumed I would go back to that but given the latest info on the necrosis of the jaw .... I'm not so sure that is the way I'm gonna wanna go after all!
Well, I had IV pamidronate. 60 mg. It was started as a 2 hour drip but I experienced some very mild tingling at the lips and wrists so the drip was slowed to a 4 hour drip. It was uneventful other than that.

Now, 24 hours later I did experience some flu-like symptoms. However, I was at Mayo Clinic in MN for several days and there are people there from all over the world. I had the infusion at Mayo. What I experienced were CHILLS, the queasies, not quite nausea, and some intermittent, traveling aches. They lasted about 8 hours or so. I was feeling better before we got home (12 hour drive) and was fine the next day. (Other than some morning heartburn from the Wendy's chili we ate an hour before we got home). So - were the flu-like symptoms a delayed reaction from the pamidronate or a virus I picked up whilst traveling? Who knows. It wouldn't stop me from having another IV pamidronate infusion - but the necrosis risk .... THAT just might stop me! Given the mild tingling during the 2 hour drip phase tho I doubt I would be willing to "do" the short 15-30 second Boniva. And, "if" I "do" do the IV pamidronate again I think I would opt for the 30 mg infusion every 3-4 months rather than the 60 mg every 6 months.

I've kinda got my hopes pinned on this strontrium ranelate, Protelos is it? I'll be watching that as my "time" gets closer. And I've got my Endo keeping tabs on it!
Well, Boniva is a newer bisphosphonate than pamidronate (Aredia) which may have to do w/the short infusion time. I'm not too interested in doing such a short infusion time for any bisphosphonate simply becuase I did experience that very mild tingling at the lips and wrists at the 2 hour drip rate. I don't know that the tingling really meant anything at all but since I did experience it and Mayo quickly responded to my mention of it I would just naturally be leery of having any medication of the same class infused in such a short time as they are recommending for Boniva. That's just me. I'm just a patient, not a doctor. But since I'm the one who gets to experience the good, the bad and the ugly of any medication we try .... I'm just not a real brave soul when it comes to medications!
I'm sorry, taape, I forgot you had asked why I had only the one pamidronate infusion.

I asked how to treat my osteoporosis when I was NOT willing to risk my intestines and stirring up my Crohn's disease w/Fosamax or Actonel. My ob/gyn mentioned there was an IV infusion a couple of times a year I could consider or Forteo had just been approved 2-3 months earlier. I had just started on an immunosuppressant for the Crohn's disease and was rather scared to start another new med at almost the same time. Six months later I was at Mayo and asked their Endo what he suggested. Same thing: IV pamidronate or Forto. I opted to go w/the IV pamidronate and had that first infusion at Mayo. However, when I got back home and finally saw an Endo here, she said not to start Forteo or a bisphosphonate until my PTH was below 30 and my vitamin D higher. Both were in normal ranges so that had me somewhat confused but I started the high dose of vitamin D she suggested. So I was on the high dose vitamin D for a year when we got a new Endo locally, the Endo I was going to was a hour's drive one way. This new Endo kept me on the high dose vitamin D but suggested I start the Forteo. Since I had had no improvement on the vitamin D and had in fact lost more ground on just the vitamin D I was more than ready mentally to start the Forteo! I've pretty much told the results of my Forteo experience in other posts.

Oh - the other thing, in between switching Endos I attended an osteoporosis seminar put on by a hospital in the next town and hosted by an orthopedic surgeon (not the best choice of professions I thought). During the question and answer when I mentioned my IV pamidronate infusion he insisted it must have been part of a clinical trial. Hells bells, my ob/gyn knew more about what was available out there for treating osteoporosis than this hosting orthopedic surgeon!!!!! However, as it turned out my ob/gyn wasn't sure if I "could" have the IV infusion done locally and where or if I would have to drive 2 hours to U of MI for it.