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Hi Taape: I have talked to people that went over the 2 yrs. of Forteo, but they had extreme circumstances that allowed them to do it, but it wasn't for a long period of time after the 2 yrs ran out.

This one particular patient has enormous problems with all types of allergies, and could not take bisphosphonates without it sending her to the hospital. Because of this they extended her time on Forteo (not that long) several months or so, but she has a rare situation, with many other conflicting problems.

She's now off the Forteo, and on the iv infused pamidronate (aredia). She hasn't had any problems with this med, except she did mention that it caused leg cramps/pain but it only lasted for a month, and was very bearable. She and her doc feels she has to remain on something to preserve the gains she got from Forteo, and this was what they did. She has so many allergies, I really feel for her, since there are so many meds, foods, she can't take/eat.

She also mentioned that the iv infused aredia has not caused any of the esophageal, stomach problems that the ORAL bisphos's do because it isn't going through her intestinal tract. She also doesn't have any of the concerns about ONJ, because according to her, she is not getting the dosage amounts that are used for cancer treatment, she hasn't ever had chemo, nor was she ever on long term cortisone, all of which are the things that need to be present to get ONJ.

I mentioned aredia to you before, but sure enough got a post in response saying that this drug causes ONJ. This is not true 'unless' you have the above problems already in existence (cancer, chemo, cortisone, recent severe dental truama) and you're given those high dosages, for a long length of time for treatment of cancer, and I hope the link I posted back then was read by some at least because it was a good med article explanation on this topic. If you agree to this, or not, you'll probably get the med for some time, but "never" at the high dose rate that cancer patients get, and they get it much more often at a higher dose than osteo patients do.