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Hi: What I was referring to when I mentioned the combo of forteo and sc or sr, is that there hasn't been any testing on combining the two simultaneously, so the recommendations I've read is that they shouldn't be taken together until we have evidence that it is beneficial with testing.

If you have a dr that thinks it's a good idea, I would like to know what his/her rationale is out of curiousity :). If this dr has proof that it is a good medical decision, then it would be entirely up to you whether you do it or not. I assume you are referring to Stront. Cit. and not Ranelate, so you wouldn't need a rx for it, you could just buy it if you like. My problem with it is that I'm having a very difficult time affording the forteo, and I don't want to take something that "could" impair it in some way, "if" it would I don't know, but that's the problem, I don't know if the two in combination is a good idea and I don't want to waste $2,000. a year that would kill me. My dr is completely against this combo, but is basing it on the lack of control/testing on OTC products (her opinion not mine).

My idea, if the SERMS aren't used post forteo for me, is to try strontium, but I would do it sequentially and only if someone can prove this combination, so far I haven't read any proof on it being a good idea simultaneously or sequentially. I posted some links on this in another thread, if you would like to read it, the conclusion on both was that forteo works best when followed by SERMS, and also that forteo works best when used alone. However there is conflicting info on this which you can read as well, and I'll leave it up to you and your dr to decide.

I had one more thought on this that maybe you could clear up with your ongoing research because I need help understanding this. In all the tests, and there are many, whenever a combo therapy was tested the following is the drugs that were research.

Anabolics (Forteo) and Antiresportives (Fosamax, Actonel etc)
Anabolics and Calcitonin
Anabolics and HRT
Anabolics and SERMS because each of these above drugs has a different action for building and sustaining bmd.

I have not been able to find any tests on:

Anabolics (Forteo) and Anabolic (Strontium) The only conclusion I can come to is that one anabolic may blunt the action of another anabolic. In this case it seems the general concensus is that since there is no testing, and it may cause blunting, and it isn't recommended.

I have also "never" heard of giving:

Antiresorptives and Antiresorptives ie taking (Fosamax and Actonel or Boniva and Pamidronate etc taking together). I'm not convinced that doubling up on meds that have the same action would necessarily give you "double the benefit."

So if you get some good advice on this let us know, so we know where it stands.

The theories seem to be that you should use two different classes drugs with totally different actions to cover the two mechanism of treating osteo.

Below is a thread about the ongoing conflicting therories used on these two types of bone meds and many others.


see the article above that has HRT in the link which says forteo works best alone based on several studies due to the blunting effect. HTH...

Good luck... and let us know what you find out. My research from NOF, NIH doesn't recommend it because no studies have been done, so of course they will not recommed it, because they have no idea what the efficacy would be.