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[QUOTE=carolmc;3078256]my son, 13, has crmo. after over three yrs and two biopsies, this is what he was finally diagnosed with. he takes sulfasalazine and sulindac. when he has a flare-up, it is usually in his jaw. then he takes prednezone. they said the above meds were the last to try (he has previously taken naproxin and cultrazine too) he still has flare-ups, so now they are going to put him on enbrel. he goes to stanford university in california. does anyone know of other doctors in californa who deal with this?

I live in the UK my 15 year old daughter is on methotrexate which she has every week by injection. have you tried pamidronate it only worked for her once. She has it in her coller bone knees feet and wrist and ankels she is having a bad time at the moment. So I am looking for any new treatments.
Hope this helps