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I have RSD in my left arm, when I have flare ups, it hearts all over my body, nobody can touch it. The treatments... I think I did everithing that exist, until one day I look in to my meds box and counted all.. 43 meds total and my life quality was worse, plus acid reflex and stuff. I decide to take the healthy road, quiropractic, masage (they heart but help a lot) hot bath, take vitamin b1, b12, b6, it help for the pain, is a nerv regenerate med (natural), no more shugar, or caffein, if one day or is better to say if one moment you are feeling better, moove, try to get strong, distract, get out, have fun. The one treatment that I think it help, was one that I follow from a doctor in Paris that have an RSD hospital, he discover two treatments, one (that I followed) was with pamidronate (helps to stick calcium in to your bones) and RSD takes the calcium out of your bone, so it makes sent. The other treatment that he has, it cures people, is a little scarry because thy put you to sleep with ketamine and produce a coma for five days, when people wake up, they have no more burning. Souds grate, but is scarry. I have thought a lot in doing it. Well RSD is very cyclical, in summers I have a much better life quality of life, Im more active and I can do some exercise, winter, is hard, because of the presure changes in the weather. We are so sencitive to that, sometimes Im walking and a horrible pain came, I look to the sky and is a cloud over my head. A night when my body start relaxing, it hearts more, a lot of shooting pain, every night. I steel cant work, I never know when Im going to be good or bad, and to be sitting in a chair it feels bad. Think positive, laugh a lot, try to distract and huve fun, endorfines will help your pain.
Take care.