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I am currently taking 500 mg of Nature's Plus Rhodiola everyday. I'm coming down off of St. John's Wort to see how this works.

Farscape66 mentioned that Rhodiola was working for him. But he forgot to mention in this board that he's also taking SAM-e. I found this out by searching his name. He mentioned it in another board. SAM-e could be having a synergistic effect with the Rhodiola, and that could be why it seems to be working. Or, he could have just started taking the SAM-e, and the SAM-e could be making him feel better.

Also he mentioned April 18th that he was looking into taking Paxil, since his doctor recommended it. Why would he even need Paxil if he was feeling so good from the Rhodiola?

The minute you start combining substances, its really hard to tell what is doing what.

I've seen a lot of extremely positive reports on Rhodiola recently across the internet. It almost seems like its getting hyped up. A lot of times for a new product to break into the market, there needs to be a big stir on it. I'm not saying this is the exact case with rhodiola, but I'm cautious about it.

Well, I hope it works for me.