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I am on the suzanne sommers diet plan. HOwever i am currently on a drug called paxil and im not sure if this drug will cause hormonial imbalance which will prevent me from loosing weight on this diet. I really need some advice! anyone know how to help me? please let me know. THanks
Everyone reacts differently to paxil . . . some gain weight, some don't. So only time will tell what the case will be with you.

Good luck!

I have been on paxil for few years now. I was just wondering if it has any ingrediant in it that would colide with suzanne sommers food that she doesnt want us to take? Furthermore when you loose weight is it common to feel a tightening in your stomach like you just did a bunch of sit ups? please let me know.


If you have been on Paxil several years and have not experienced weight gain, I don't think it would interfere with weight loss. (I have never heard of that happening - in my admittedly limited experience.)

I also have never heard of any foods that need to be avoided when using paxil; there is another class of anti-ds that interact with many foods but not paxil.