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I’ve been using Paxil for +3 years and have gained +70 lbs during this time. I once found a web site that explains when you start you might experience a weight loss in the first 6 months but than your body metabolism will start to change to help with the assimilation of the drug. It sound right to my particular weight gain and wonder if it could be true with some other medications.

When I talked to my doctor he said “That’s why they call it Pack It On Paxil”. He changed my script about 1 month ago and I’ve started to show some results. If you are using an SSRI you may have the same results with other brand names as they are almost exactly the same. Talk with you doctor to see if others are having similar problems and find out what options you have available.
I too gained a lot of weight on Paxil. I switched to Zoloft. (which is not as good as the paxil for anixety and panic diorder.) But, I did lose a few pounds. I think those of us on SSRI's just have to work harder.
:( As if we don't have enough "issues" to deal with already!