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I struggle with this problem, too.

I have been on many types of medication, including Paxil, Prozac, Wellbutrin, Celexa and Xanax.

I used to NOT eat when I was depressed, but for some reason, that changed. I gained 30 pounds as a result (I think) of being on Paxil and eating to make myself feel better. Food truly is a comfort and something I look forward to every day.

The only way I was able to break that cycle is to just CHANGE. It's really hard- there is no magic way to fix the problem. You just have to find other things to make yourself feel better. I like to shop. :)

Anyway, I wish I had a suggestion that is easier than just changing your outlook. Perhaps you could also see a therapist, instead of a medical doctor. MD's who practice mental health (I have found) like to prescribe a lot and listen a little. I saw a therapist for a while after getting off all my meds and she really helped me through the transition and withdrawl period.

Good luck to you. Stick to this board. It really helps- perhaps you could begin to break your cycle be logging on every time you feel down and want to eat. Come here instead!

This is all easier said than done, believe me- I know! Hang in there- you CAN change your attitude about food. :)