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hey people. today i'm going to eat right (i hope!). here's what i have planned, but it'll probably change (and yes, i did just get up, and i realize it's 4pm).

- subway (foot long sub, but have half at diff times)
- 2 cookies (again, at diff times) <--i mean, i cannot live without sweets.. it's a long story, but if i don't have SOMETHING sweet, i end up bingeing on them..
- lots of snapple/water to drink <--we're going shopping today (in about a half hour actually)
- something else that's not healthy for ya, but in a small amount

see, with me.. if i try to eat healthy and stick to it, i end up failing and bingeing on ****y foods. so if i eat half way good, then there's less of a risk. what do you all think? also, let me juist tell you guys what meds i'm on, so you'll see why i have to eat so much (they increase my appitite, and the one i have to eat with food)

- depakote er (500mg) <--to stop my highs
- paxil (30mg) <--to stop my lows
- zyrtec <--for my dermatographia (aka a skin 'disorder')
- iron supplement <--boarder line anemic because i don't eat a lot of meat and refuse to.
- hydroxyzine (10-20mg)<--also for my dermatographia

yeah.. i'm on a lot.. i'm bi-polar.. so.. yeah. i guess that kinda sums up most of it.

- jen

p.s. can you tell that in the matter of minutes (that it took to make this post), i went from a high to a low?.. urgh. being bi-polar SUCKS. never know when it's going to strike.