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I've been checking out the board and the helpful comments & topics, so I decided to officially join!

I gained 20 pounds in 1 year (that was 3 years ago)because I was taking Paxil.......and I feel like a blob--losing 10 would be fine.

My stats are:

32 years old
5'7", 143 lbs

Nice to meet you all.

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Hi, Losin!! I gained 30 pounds from Paxil, too! YUCK! When I finally got off it, I thought the weight would just magically drop off. Boy, was I wrong!!!

I just lost about 25 pounds since April 11. I started at 156 (I am 5'5") and am now at 128 or 129. My goal was 130, but I appear to still be loosing because I have changed my nutrition habits for life.

Good luck to you- 10 pounds will be easy (well, relatively!). Keep us posted, and check out the Summer Weight Loss challege thread- it's for anyone and everyone interested in weight loss.