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Hi, I had a question about taking 12.5m of paxil CR and taking trim spa ephedra free. I was wondering first of all have people actually had a lot of success with trim spa? And if I take it will it be ok if i am taking the paxil cr?


Hi Sarah!
I have taken the Trimspa with ephedra...I've not tried the ephedra free. I had a lot of success, to answer your first question! So far I've lost 55 pounds. This was combining the pills with a low fat and low cal diet and lots of exercise.
I have no idea about mixing paxil and the Trimspa EF...I would assume there is still some amount of caffeine involved, even though there is no ephedra? Can you have caffeine with the paxil? I wish I could be more help on your second question!! I'm sure someone on here will be able to help you!!
With Love,