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Theresa, I went through the same thing. I finally figured out I just had too much time to sit around thinking. That will drive anyone crazy! I know you don't feel like doing anything but try to make yourself get out away from the computer, get yourself some Paxil and feel better.

I think you should go and see a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist. I have seen both and they truly work. Psychiatrists can prescribe anti depressants.....and along with that, they can have talking sessions, to get out in the open whats bothering you. A Psychologist has talking sessions, but cannot prescribe medication. Also, your regular family doctor can prescribe Paxil, Zoloft, and anti-depressants in that family........but he won't be able to council you........so take your pick!

I'm speaking from experience....I'm on Paxil because I was very depressed and had panic attacks......and It has helped me tremendously.

I wish you luck and god bless.
Take care and hold your head up high.

Stefanie :wave: