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After reading a message posted by a member about M V P I was shocked when a member posted a response not to let the Dr. prescribe Paxzil!! I have the same condition and have been on Paxil for about 6 yrs now.I was having extreme Panic Attacks!!Clementine, what is the matter with Paxil? I'm very scared now,what affects is this drug having on me? PLEASE reply,or anyone that has any info. Thank you!!!!
Don't panic, granted these drugs are given out like tic tacs by some but the majority of MVP clients have it moderate to severe like me and need something in the anti depressant range like Zoloft or effexor. Paxil or Prozac when taken correctly and not abused are safe as any other drug. Now Prozac has had a bad rap due to the abuse by patients at times and there is always a risk of adverse reaction with any drug and paxil and prozac are not excluded.
According to the physician who prescribed Buspar for me when I asked him about Prozac or Paxil, he refused to prescribe them for me and told me Prozac and Paxil can cause the heart to fibrillate, which is what people with MVP do not want to happen. If you have a pharmacist you rely on you might discuss this with him or her, they are sometimes more "up" on the side effects of medications. Buspar works just fine for me, and have taken it now for several years. I did sneak around and take Paxil and did so before I asked him for it, I knew within 3 days that it was not for me.

From Clementine
No don't worry, I was prescribed Paxil due to panic attacks not MVP. The best medicine is no medicine. Take care, :wave: April